Martin Whatson collaboration

A funky fresh & fruity IPA that mirrors the rise & fall of the streets. Martin Whatson & Oslo Brewing Company were both born in Oslo, Norway, nearly 3 decades apart. This beer represents urban environments & shatters them with a vibrant flow of rural flavor. The addition of blood orange & fruity hops gives a clear presence to the inspiring imagery & time bending color scapes, brilliantly crafted by the talented Martin Whatson. We are honored to work with such a local legend & look forward to the future we all aspire to live in. Come one, come all. The future is now, peel back the layers.

Appearance: Hazy & Golden
Aroma: Sweet Orange, malt & hops
Flavor: Hoppy, malty & orange notes
Bitterness: Medium-High
Serving temperature: 4-6C
Alcohol content: 7.1%
Ingredients: Water, barley, oats, hops, blood orange & yeast
Available: On tap / Cans (0.33l) / Key Keg (20l)

This beer is for our city

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