Oslo Brewing Company Julebord Ribbe Pack


2 x Christmas Lights – 2 x Christmas Amber – 2 x Multekrem

Christmas Lights

Pilsners pair well with many dishes. The light flavor & carbonation serve as a good palate cleanser. Christmas lights make a perfect accompaniment to a charcuterie board.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops & yeast

Christmas Amber

Christmas Amber pairs perfectly with ribbe. The darker malts pair well with the roasted meat flavors. When combined with the traditional accompaniment of braised prunes, this combination is hard to beat.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops & yeast

Multekrem 2021

Multekrem can be served on its own as a dessert, but we also recommend this with cheeses. Kraftkar or a strong English cheddar are perfect. It can also be paired with the classic dessert of cloudberries & whipped cream.

Ingredients: Water, barley, wheat, oats, cloudberries, hops, lactose, yeast, aroma & vanilla

Serving temperature: 4-6C
Alcohol content: 4.7%
Available: Cans 6 x (0.50l)

This beer is for our city

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