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Where to find our beer

Our beer is available in many retail locations and in venues all over Norway such as (The Thief, The Well, Prindsen Hage, Kulturhuset, Smelteverket, Sankt Amand, Youngs, Den Gamle Major, Skur 33, Esperanto Events, Eatery 37, Krøsset, Raadhuset, Pokalen Barcode, Pokalen, Vulkan Arena, Håndslag, Telegrafen, Tunco, The Dubliner, Colonel Mustard, Den Glade Gris, Way Down South, Oslo Camping, Brygg, Tøyen Startup Village, Kampen Kaffe, Fuglen, Ostara Bar, Banh Mi Baby, Hasle Linie Gastropub, Døgnvill, Hopyard, Olympen and more), we are also available at our bar ØL by Oslo Brewing in Japan.

Hosting an event or party in Norway? Stocking up the fridges with craft beer? Our beer is available for direct sale. Drop us a mail.

Contactdimitri@oslobrewing.no or tony@oslobrewing.no for our current stock and price list.



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