Oslo Brewing Co.

Norwegian craft beer in Taiwan.

Did you know Taiwan has one of the world’s densest concentrations of convenience stores? Today 7-11 rules the streets of Taiwan and we are proud that our Nordic Pilsner is available at 7-11 and its 5000 plus locations today. Domestic beer production in Taiwan accounts for over 80% of total beer consumption in Taiwan and Oslo Brewing Company is proud to be one of a few craft breweries from Scandinavia available to Taiwanese customers today.

您是否知道台湾是世界上便利店最密集的地区之一?今天,7-11 统治着台湾的街道,我们感到自豪的是,我们的北欧比尔森啤酒今天在 7-11 及其 5000 多家门店有售。台湾国内啤酒产量占台湾啤酒总消费量的 80% 以上,而 Oslo Brewing Co. 很自豪能成为当今台湾客户可以使用的为数不多的来自斯堪的纳维亚半岛的精酿啤酒厂之一。
Kanpai! 乾杯!
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