Pride – Passion – Oslo – Love = Oslove

The story of our Passion Fruit Blonde has a history of its own. When the terror attack struck Oslo with brute force on July 22, 2011, the unity and love the people of Oslo showed for each other and the city coined a completely new term; oslove. The term combines the two words Oslo and love. Since then, the term describes and signifies the new spirit, unity and love for Oslo and each other. Oslove represents progressive values like tolerance, respect, mutual understanding and other positive human values.

As much as our Oslove beer celebrates the LGBT community, the concept behind the beer and the rainbow flag also celebrates all the above mentioned values at large. Therefore, Oslove is not just for the LGBT community, but for everyone who supports this community’s values. This beer is our way of contributing to the movement that is taking the world by storm. That is why we made this beer light, refreshing and full of passion fruit. It’s easy to drink with no need to think.  Just accept others and this beer for what it is and they are – perfect. If you find yourself in Oslo, please check out one of our favorite watering holes called Smelteverket.